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DHI (direct hair implantation)

The new technique in the world (direct hair implantation)
This method is much more advanced in hair transplantation than other techniques. It ranks at the forefront of world standards. Excellent natural results are obtained. The main goal of this new and advanced technique is to increase the survival and growth rate of hair follicles by reducing the time taken to treat grafts and the time they remain in the skin. With DHI, the channel does not open. After other hair transplant applications, the hair can not be washed for three days and the day after the HID procedure. The healing process is happening quickly. The transplant follicle is placed in the HID pen. No grooves, cuts or stitch marks are allowed because the channel is not open. Thirty percent more common than the FUE method. The hair transplant can be placed on the desired hair spot for transplantation. This is a method that is always recommended for patients with HID and rare areas